Patrick Jonas and I got to know each other through our shared passion for hunting & motorsports. I’m lucky enough to be able to hunt in Sweden and when I heard about the self-sufficient system with underfloor and seat floor heating, I really wanted to see it live. In Sweden we have temperatures down to -40 degrees in winter and apart from our special clothing, warmth in its most natural form from sunlight is of course very welcome. Even the little daylight that we have in Sweden is enough to charge the solar modules. The modular construction of Zauberjagd made the delivery to Sweden uncomplicated and possible without high transport costs. My fellow hunters and I were able to set up the hunting blind ourselves. Patrick Jonas responded to two individual requests: the inside of the pulpit is more thickly insulated than the standard model, and the heating output has also been increased in order to defy the very cold temperatures. A thank you to Patrick Jonas and his young dynamic team, who left no questions unanswered. In this sense Waidmannsheil!

Tobias Stöhr, hunting ground in Sweden

I was particularly impressed by the steel stud frame and the fact that you can either assemble the hunting grounds yourself or have them delivered ready-made. With the step-by-step assembly instructions, Zauberjagd made it very easy for us to assemble the hunting blind. The individual foundations were installed in advance by a subcontractor from Zauberjagd, which was carried out quickly thanks to the foundation plan provided. The safety and professional way of working at Zauberjagd really convinced me and it won’t be the last premium hunting blind that I have ordered from Patrick Jonas.

Jens B., hunting ground around Hamburg, Germany