We were interviewd by “Welt am Sonntag”. This article was translated and published from pledgetimes.com as well.

“Patrick Jonas, a passionate hunter from Rhineland-Palatinate, has had bad experiences climbing ailing huts. Once a rung broke from under his feet, as he said on the phone, and he almost fell down. With his company Zauberjagd he developed a high seat with which he wanted to set new standards in terms of safety and comfort. The construction bears the somewhat bulky designation “Premium-Reviereinrichtung” and can be viewed in an outdoor showroom in the small town of Klausen near Trier.”

“His invention is the Swiss officer’s knife under high seats. The height of the turret is variable, it can be dismantled and rebuilt elsewhere without losing stability. It can be closed completely, which keeps the interior dry and prevents wasps or hornets nests from forming and causing nasty surprises. “

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