Light and robust

The feet are anchored on individual concrete foundations. This means that the premium blinds are extremely stable and safe. The pulpit is made of aluminum honeycomb, which is self-insulated and finished to individual requirements. Additional strength is added with an exterior steel corset with minimal impact to total weight. Good air circulation in the interior, minimizes humidity inside. Our construction prevents bugs in the interior – no rude awakening from bee or wasp nests.

Certified and secure

The stand frame is made of full hot-dip galvanized steel and the pulpit made of aluminum honeycomb will be minimally affected by the seasons – there is hardly any wear. Our product is manufactured, assembled, erected according to current standards and kwf-certified.


Exclusive comfort

We have paid special attention to comfort. Design and color of the premium blind can be selected based on your preferences. The individual premium hunting blinds from Zauberjagd offer a self-sufficient system that captures the suns energy on the roof via solar modules and transfers it to the consumer via a control panel inside. Power for accessories is just a push of a button for the hunter. That is luxury that does not affect nature.

Removal anytime

The hunting grounds can also be stored outside for several years. This guarantees the full hot-dip galvanizing of the frame further protected with a special coating. Our premium hunting blinds can be completely relocated, and the foundations can also be removed with a special device during dismantling. At the end of the hunting lease, or for age reasons, you have the option of selling the premium hunting equipment or it can be given to us in payment. Painful negotiations with the subsequent hunting tenant are a thing of the past.

Made in Germany

The individual premium hunting blinds from Zauberjagd are “Made in Germany”. We only work with regional partners to ensure quality. Using a modular system that can be customized and a steel frame that can adjusted at any time, the hunter can choose the elements that he needs for his hunting situation. The hunting blinds can be easily assembled or disassembled as often as required.

Visit us!

You can visit our premium hunting blinds in Germany’s first outdoor showroom for hunting in the Eifel-Mosel-Saar region. If the distance is too far, we offer a video tour through our outdoor showroom.