The interest in hunting has risen a lot in the past few years and with it the requirements for hunting blinds. Hunting often has decades of tradition for hunters or private forest owners, or they pass the tradition and enthusiasm on to young people. For many, hunting is like a religion and an important part of their lives.
I came up with the idea of ​​the premium hunting blinds because I had a negative experience in the forest myself. I broke through a rung while climbing the pulpit and fell. Fortunately, nothing bad happened. This made me more aware of the topic of “safety” and I thought about the alternatives to wooden pulpits.
I offer premium hunting blinds in a changeable modular system that do justice to nature, that are sustainable and offer better stability. It is also important to me that they are reusable and that they do not mean a permanent encroachment on nature, even if the blind is moved. The forest does not have to give way to the pulpit, but the territorial facilities can change with the forest.